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We will Dental Insurance common platform for everybody to you know complete looking at the FORA billion program you into a private medical colleges often debate about document  Dental Insurance medical colleges private medical policies .

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

What’s your explanation government institutions have a long history they always have good volumes of practice because they eventually as a doctor you need to connect with most patients and see more range of cases.

You know but at the same time the private institutions are very well made they are the infrastructure is really nice they have sometimes very good faculty taken to that four-year program houses the first two years are more of the .

Study oriented and practical that we have we have the dissection we want to study the basics of human body the pathologist and the microbiology all those kind of things and a dental subject is introduced every year unlike .

The third and the final year which is more clinical where we are mostly around our dental subjects we attend clinics we look at patient’s we shadow our teachers and eventually once you are through your final videos exam you do your internship in.

The same department for the year right now you can get for credit option there are several options of gathering after you to your BBL oh yeah could you tell us about we have eight faculty rate fields or subjects of your choice nine in fact now with community dentistry and six of which are more clinical and practice oriented.