That’s kind of cool okay so SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS  wet toothbrush head and a little pea-sized amount of toothpaste let’s see how this toothbrush works okay bit like that pieces now okay I’m just gonna roll it on alright let’s see how well this Sonicare Diamond Clean smart removes plaque.

All right so I’m going to go spit it out and I’ll come right back alright it looks like this toothbrush does a really good job I don’t see any green spots on my teeth it looks like I didn’t miss any plaque that is super exciting so while I was brushing.

I SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS  was able to see there was like this little fine print in the app that it was like they wanted to know if I wanted it to have access to my data so so select a brush head according to your oral health care okay hopefully you can see it okay and then I’m just going to go okay and it’s showing me how to use it next says congratulations so you can see a congratulations.

You’re ready to start your Philips Sonicare journey and then on the bottom super cool it says char there’s day program to kickstart your whitening alright so learn more brush using white mode once per day okay start this goal attach the brush head now so it tells you exactly which one is for whitening that one or the green one or the blue one.

That’s the one with the flexible head okay continue attach this brush head now to continue for better plaque removal kudos to Sonicare for being very Pro plaque removal okay you smile the first thing people notice about you no handle was found okay so see.

When I turn it on your smile nothing happens okay connect to your handle personalized brushing we’re changing where you start okay so to percent of Americans suffer with chronic bad breath but brushing flossing and tongue cleaning can help okay looks like you’re brushing times on the short side try using this timer as a guide to help you improve clean View source SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS