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renaissance dental individual who  has committed this you no malice where  they live you could sue where the incident occurred or you could sue you  renaissance dental .

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renaissance dental know where the malice occurred so you have this occurred you know anywhere  else you could still come back to Los Angeles and use California’s laws in your favor and California is a very  personal injury friendly state in comparison to .

The rest of the country so they can absolutely sue heck they’re fine the last thing in  because this is a sports star we know that the Clippers aren’t going to fire Blake Griffin uh you know there he’s probably gonna get suspended he may get  fined uh if.

Matthias test gets fired over this because those two can’t coexist in the same space is is is that a wrongful termination suit is that part of the pain and suffering suit is that a  separate action how would that work absolutely that would be

A complete separate action it would be at wrongful termination it could be a retaliation lawsuit as well I mean we spoke this a few weeks ago about what happened to TS  Sigmers and in that situation PJ had quit in this situation you know.

This guy is gonna get fired and it’s going to be very obvious he’s getting fired based on the fact that he decided to take action against the star on the team so you know  there would be multiple lawsuits that would come after that for wrongful termination retaliation and .

He would have a you know very very good case in order to prevail based on both okay one last question this incident did not happen in the workplace how does that  change the situation if at all in other words there but they’re in the same they work together right a great honor out at a restaurant .