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Paula my husband ameritas dental d I have just started our journey¬†ameritas dental to financial independence here very recently and we would love your opinion on something that’s been kind of bothering us so we’ve been in our house a little bit over a year we owe about.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars on it and we bring home about twelve thousand dollars a month after taxes we don’t have any other debt except our vehicles which we’re hoping to crush is in the next couple of years and our mortgage payment is about twenty .

Three hundred dollars a month so in terms of ratio to our income it’s pretty good but my question is I’m not sure if it would be better to pay down extra on our mortgage aggressively or if we should plan to just sell it in a few years and downsize .

We live in Austin and so the real estate market is pretty healthy and I think it’s reasonable to assume that our home will continue to appreciate however I think we could have gotten a cheaper home and I’m also not sure if we live in

Austin forever so to speak so we thought about doing a combination of both maybe pay down the mortgage but also continue to put extra money into the stock market and given our incomes I think we could probably do that but ultimately.

I’m just really interested in what your perspective would be thanks so much Amy this is a really interesting question so at its core your question is should I pay off debt versus invest but there’s a third option that you’ve thrown in there a little bit of a added flare to this question which is pay off debt or sell